Here we go

Like many, every year around this time, I pledge to do a number of things to better myself.

I have my typical resolutions: drink more water, stay fit, do more yoga, don’t kill myself worrying about everything.

I think the yoga and fitness was one I upheld, but am still not so great at getting the necessary daily amount of water in my system. I drank four cups yesterday, though, which is huge for me!

Regarding yoga, a few months into 2014, I received the opportunity to do a work/study at my studio, Steadfast and True Yoga. I traded cleaning the studio and washing towels for yoga classes. So the responsibility was a motivator which led to more yoga and, ultimately, staying fit.

I told myself, also, that I would take the stairs at work. At the time, I worked at Gannett in the 1100 Broadway office and had the option of taking a scary, but lazier elevator, or four flights of steps to my office.

I can say that I accomplished this up until I left to come to Home Page Media Group — where I have no choice because there is no elevator.

As for 2015, though, I was sort of at a loss of what I’d commit to. Besides, of course, to stop making mental health symptoms the butt of my jokes.

I had just kind of decided maybe I wasn’t going to try any crazy resolution this year, but it all just kind of clicked Monday night.

I want to write a book.

I spent a bunch of time over the holidays watching videos on the Crash Course and vlogbrothers channels on YouTube. I linked to a few Crash Course videos in my last column, but if you don’t know about either, you might know one of the vlogbrothers as the author of “The Fault in Our Stars,” John Green.

Anyway, Green is what I want to be — an author. In the multitude of videos available by Green and his brother, Hank, there are quite a few that are somewhat of an inspiration to me.

In his video “How to Become an Adult,” Green suggests those looking for inspiration and guidance to “get an Ilene.” Ilene Cooper served as a mentor to Green and helped him write his first novel, “Looking for Alaska.”

In another vlogbrothers video, writer Maureen Johnson subs in for Green while he is on paternity leave and discusses writing books as a profession. She talks about how much time goes into learning to flex your writing muscle and that you need to do it all the time if you intend to become an author.

It takes a lot of practice to get good at writing and to get good at writing all the time, something that I surprisingly don’t do every day. I edit every day, but I don’t write.

This also requires reading a ton of books, which I don’t think I do often enough. I read several articles a day, but not books as often as I’d like.

So, where does all of this lead? Stay with me, I’m getting to the point, I swear.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind, associated with, had a great podcast on Jan. 1 about “brainhacking” and learning to make your resolution a habit.

They mentioned writing 100 words every day to work your writing muscle and to get into the habit.

After listening to that podcast, and the culmination of videos I watched over the weekend, I had my resolution. Work to become an author.

I plan to accomplish this by writing at least 100 words a day and attempt to read 26 books (that I already own, but haven’t read yet!!) this year. That’s one book about every two weeks.

So there you have it. That’s my resolution. I don’t plan to have a book done this year, but I want to start in the right direction. I plan to update this blog as I go with a small bit of writing each day. I’m crossing my fingers I can make it through the month, then we’ll see about sticking to the whole 365 days thing. Resolutions are so intimidating.

Wish me luck, and I hope you’re able to keep your resolution for the new year as well!


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