Hello again

OK, it’s time to get serious.

I knew I wouldn’t keep this up at the beginning of the year. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

But I guess it didn’t hurt to try…

A lot of things happened which made it difficult to keep up with a blog. My schedule at work was erratic, I was having trouble with anxiety attacks and things just got super, super busy. So the posts stopped.

If you’ve come here and seen the sidebar with my Instagram, Twitter and Goodreads info, you have seen that I’m still around. Just not writing very much.

I do really, really want to write, though. I’m proud to say that I’ve kept up pretty well with my reading, which is the first step in becoming an author. I’ve read 85 percent of the books that I need to for my 2015 Reading Challenge. So that’s mostly what I’ve been doing in my free time.

I'm hopeful this will give me a little bit of a creative boost!

I’m hopeful this will give me a little bit of a creative boost!

One of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert, just came out with a new book — “Big Magic” — that’s kind of like a self-help book for creators who are stuck. And boy am I stuck.

My character for this novel I have sitting in my head is just sitting there and because I haven’t really sat down to flesh her or her story out, she’s kind of fading. I can’t let that happen because I know she needs to exist on the page.

So I’m really excited to read “Big Magic”! To supplement my creative studies, I’ve also been listening to her podcast called “Magic Lessons,” that’s kind of an extension of this book. I’ve already felt really inspired by her episodes and definitely feel like I’m going to learn a lot from the book. I have a highlighter ready to go so I can mark the most inspirational bits.

The plan is to keep up with my thoughts on creativity on this blog. I’ve even done a little bit of an update design-wise to give me a boost to keep this thing up.

I’ve had a bit of a life change, too, in that I’ve changed jobs that enables me to work 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., which is great because now I can get myself on a schedule to write! I do certainly want to keep it up.

A Bullet Journal set up I did for this past Monday.

A Bullet Journal set up I did for this past Monday.

But I don’t think I’ll only be writing about writing (ha!). If you know me at all, I really enjoy organizing, planning and journaling. I started this thing earlier in the year called Bullet Journaling. Which, if you don’t know the logistics of it, you should visit this site, because the creator really does a great job of explaining it because, you know, he created it.

There’s this whole world out there of people who kind of combine this with a form of scrapbooking, which I didn’t realize when I first started it back in March. So when I wanted a better way of keeping up with things at my new job, Bullet Journaling came back at the forefront of my mind and I began adding a more artistic approach to it. I absolutely LOVE it and it’s a great creative outlet for me besides writing.

So you may see a few posts (or a lot) here about that. It’s just so much fun and I love gathering inspiration from other Bullet Journalers.

Anyway, that’s my update. I want to do this thing for real and you don’t become a runner by not practicing … so I can’t see myself becoming a writer without some practice either.


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