Free stuff and weekend Bullet Journaling


Grant’s new desk. It looks so professional!

This weekend has been quite productive so far and I’m kind of proud of myself for it. 
I mean, I wrote that post yesterday and … oh look! … I’m writing another one. 🙂

I think the coolest part of my day yesterday was that I found a desk in good condition just sitting by the dumpster at our apartment complex! So I ran to grab Grant before someone else took it and we loaded it in his car (with the help of a nice stranger looking at the other junk there) and took it home. 

Grant started working from home a few weeks ago and he was working off of two TV tray tables, so he really needed a desk. Once we got it cleaned off and everything reorganized, it really looks great! I’m so happy he’ll have a nice place to work now. 

HipstamaticPhoto-465067310.912162HipstamaticPhoto-465067336.748666Towards the end of the day I spent a long time getting set up for the weekend and October in my Bullet Journal. I didn’t have much of a check list/bullets to put in yesterday, so I just did a regular journal entry. 🙂 I love this method because it really does leave room for versatility like that. 

I’ve been following a few bloggers since I started doing this to get ideas for headers and how to decorate it. Luckily I found a gal, Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine, who’s had a handwriting theme all month. Most of my headers have been an imitation of hers. One day I’ll get better at handwriting. I just need some more practice. 

Another great inspiration has been Kara on her blog, Boho Berry. I really love the styles both of these ladies have and try to emulate them. I’m still trying to figure out how to organize everything, but that’s the great part about all of this. If I don’t like a spread, I’ll just change it around the next time. 

Anyway, time for me to finish up the rest of my weekend! Let the Sunday chores begin!


2 thoughts on “Free stuff and weekend Bullet Journaling

  1. Kim says:

    Hello! Happy to see the header ideas in use 🙂 So true, the versatility of the Bullet Journal is so awesome, journaling a bit is always a nice mental break from all of the tasks and other things 🙂


    • allieleora says:

      Aw, thanks for visiting, Kim! I love your blog. You give me so much inspiration! I really enjoy sitting down with my little art project at the end of the day. 🙂 I have a font I’ve fallen in love with that I’ve been imitating for the last few days. I’m sure you’ll see it in various posts I do for the #planwithmechallenge. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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