#PlanwithmeChallenge Day 1 and 2 – “Hi! Planner Selfie” and “My October Setup”

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If you stopped by my Instagram page yesterday, you may have noticed I started the #PlanwithmeChallenge for October.

This is basically a challenge on Instagram to take a photo of your planner every day this month, based on a theme. Yesterday’s was “Hi! Planner selfie,” and that’s why you saw my silly mug next to my planner.

Today’s theme is to take a photo of your October setup, which I had to redo because I initially created the original monthly setup and then realized that wasn’t quite working for me, so I did a regular calendar with a bunch of pretty washi tape. I’m super happy with how it turned out.

Like I said before, this system is versatile, so if you don’t like the way you set your planner up today, change it tomorrow!

I love the orange sparkle washi tape and the pretty pink/orange tape that I picked up the other day. The two go so well together, I think, and kind of give my setup a fall feel. I put them in spots on the calendar that are another month just to add a little oomph.

I’m also kind of obsessed with this font that I found on the app Phonto (which you should really check it, it’s so cool!) called Fredericka the Great. It might be somewhere else on the Internet, but this is the first place I saw it. I decided to imitate it and have been using it for all of my headers recently. It just looks so damn cool! I decided to color in my October header with an orange pen, too, since it kind of goes with the fall color scheme. I’ll probably doodle in a pumpkin and fall leaf here and there as the month goes on, but this is how I like it now.

Because I use the grid, it made it a little easier to draw the calendar in. I just did a little math and ended up using a 6×6 square to fill the whole page. I’m sure you can tell I drew my lines a little bit too far on the right side, but that doesn’t bother me all that much.

I ended up with some space at the bottom, so I just made it an area where I can write down my goals for the month. I’m still working on my S’s with my handwriting, but I’ll get there if I keep practicing.

I’m excited to see where this challenge takes me and I’m also looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up for their October setup.

Happy Bullet Journaling and thanks for reading!


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