An ode to road rage

If you cut me off, I will write you a poem.

You cut me off

You dumb SUV

I had stopped first

Why’d you proceed?

I could have used the finger

But then reconsidered

Mom says road rage is real

And I could get murdered

But you don’t look dangerous

You puny human being

Your car is a behemoth

Are you compensating for something?

Look at you with your slick hair

With your nice tie and jacket

You’re more like a car salesman

You horrible squirming maggot

Ugh here I go again

I’m angry over nothing

Funny how driving does this to us

Like the others aren’t living

It’s an entitlement thing

“How dare they offend me?”

Like I’m the only person on earth

And no one else can be free

You probably have kids,

a dog and a wife

You might have a home

And you may have a life

You’re probably just a person

Who’s in a bit of a rush 

Or maybe you’re caravanning it

Keeping up with your friends

Everyone’s just a human

We all make mistakes

I’m certainly not perfect

As I’m sure you could see

I’m sorry I made that face

And the angry gesture

My car makes me impatient

I apologize for my temper

I went on to my yoga

And tried to forget you

But the moment wouldn’t fade

So I wrote you this tribute


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